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A Bold, Innovative Approach

As a compact, independent, and multi-disciplinary team, we “join the dots” across asset classes, information sources and opportunities to create best in class solutions for our investors.

Using our broad network and deep relationships, we constantly search for the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Screening, selection, portfolio construction and ongoing management provide the building blocks for our approach to beneficial diversification. Careful portolfio diversification requires a mix of science and art.

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Accurate strategic asset allocation is the core driver of our client investment outcomes. We deploy a logical, structured, and disciplined approach to data analysis, opportunity screening, portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring. Risk management is deeply embedded in each of these processes.


The investment expression of our asset allocation choices involves a systematic approach to analyse and screen all of our investment choices. We are active and hands-on. Our interpretation of investment analysis and choices in investment expression are therefore vital components of our process.

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Listed Portfolios

The portfolios are well established, with successful track records ranging from 3–7 years.

They are actively managed according to a high-conviction, collaborative, and team-based investment approach. Trading frequency is typically relatively low, with many core constituent investments held for multi-year periods.


The core, compounding Multi-Asset portfolios provide a range of risk and return profiles for cautious, moderate and growth requirements. There is also the option of an Income & Growth version for those requiring yield. All the multi-asset portfolios are designed to optimise risk management and deliver compounding multi period returns.

Specialist Equity

The Multi-Asset portfolios are complemented by three specialist Equity Portfolios, which in turn provide exposure to:

  • Global leading companies
  • Innovation & future trends
  • Precious metals

These individual Multi-Asset and Specialist Equity portfolios are combined to create bespoke client investment solutions.

Segregated Mandates

As providers of bespoke portfolios, we believe that segregated mandates offer better outcomes for the majority of our clients:

  • More transparency – A full look through to underlying investment positions
  • More control – Securities are held directly in our client’s own name account
  • More accuracy in expression – Ability to precisely adjust portfolios
  • A significantly lower total expense ratio for investors vs a typical balanced Multi Fund of Funds approach.
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Private Markets

for some certified sophisticated investors or professional clients, Private Markets can be a complimentary source of investment return and diversification.

Havaic Universum Core African Fund

HAVAIC invests in early-stage, high-growth technology businesses, offering access to Sub-Saharan African investments with global growth prospects. The HAVAIC team is highly regarded and are experienced local practitioners.

Unlike many comparable markets, there is a less developed, and hence less competitive, investment ecosystem for early-stage investment.

HAVAIC is uniquely well placed to create, nurture, and scale opportunities. They have developed an impressive record of doing so.

Universum have known the HAVAIC team since inception and play an integral role in terms of providing deal flow and strategic connections. Jonathan Sieff sits on the HAVAIC Investment Committee.

Special Opportunities

Through our network, Universum sees a wide range of high-growth, technology-enabled private investment opportunities.

We focus on Post Revenue, Pre-Series A businesses with strong technology focus and proven management teams.

We screen for the most attractive opportunities considering both quantitative and qualitative factors using a proprietary process. We are especially focussed on the people component and the leadership team characteristics and team dynamics.

We bring a small subset back to appropriate members of our network for consideration.

We take a hands-on, partnership driven approach with our portfolio companies, often taking Board Observer roles and onward introducing them to relevant connections within our eco-system.

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